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Our website is providing information regarding bookworm insect treatment methods. We tell you about pest control tips and techniques. These tips and techniques help you to control bookworm insects. We are providing information of integrated pest management methods too. These methods present you useful information for elimination of bookworms.

Bookworm insect treatment methodsMethods for bookworm insect treatment

Here, we will tell you about bookworm insect treatment methods. These methods will help you in repelling bookworms. You can take help of pest control tips and techniques with the help of our website.

Camphor or moth balls

Use camphor as deterrent. Place it on bookshelf. Place it inside the books. It will help you in repelling bookworms.


Use pepper for elimination of bookworms. Place it around the bookshelf. Pepper helps you in controlling bookworms.

How to choose pesticides for bookworm insect treatment?

Use least toxic products for bookworm insect treatment. Always consult the labels of products. Always read instructions on the bottles of products. Prefer minimum risk ingredients. These are the facts that help you in choosing pesticides.


Maintain humidity level in your library. It will help you in elimination of bookworms.


Freeze the books in refrigerator. Freezing books help you in controlling bookworms to the extent level.

Hydrogen cyanide

The entire library should be fumigated with hydrogen cyanide. Handle it carefully. It is very dangerous for people and pets.

Effective results of bookworm insect treatment

Bookworm insect treatment has very effective results. They will give you good results for elimination of bookworms. Freezing books for weeks help you a lot. This will help you in controlling bookworms. And bookworms can’t damage your books. They are effective enough for bookworm insect treatment.

Our website offers you here best and easy home remedies for bookworms control.

Ethylene oxide and carbon dioxide

Single book is infested with bookworm.  It can be fumigated with carbon dioxide or ethylene oxide. We advised not to use this. It is very dangerous for people and pets. We have provided you beneficial information here, regarding bookworm insect treatment methods.

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