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We here providing you the best and easiest Home remedies for woodworms treatment. We will provide all relevant knowledge to control the woodworms by integrated pest management.

Benefits of Home remedies for woodworms treatmentProducts used in home remedies for woodworms treatment

Home remedies are very easy to be use and apply. These remedies for woodworms treatment  can be performed easily. Most people only prefer the home remedies for the pest control. All products that are used are easily available at home. Homemade remedies are Eco friendly and do not have any chemical used in them which will affect the environment. All these things are available at home and we can remove pest safely without any hesitation.


Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera gel is very effective trick for killing woodworms. You need to take entire plant of aloe Vera. Store it in container full of water. Mix water and aloe Vera. Sprinkle it on affected area of woodworms. It helps you in killing woodworms.

Garlic oil 

Garlic oil is used for preventing woodworms. You can blend the garlic cloves in a blender. Heat it in a pan. Cool  for a night. Spray it in infested areas of woodworms. It will help you in controlling woodworms infestation.

Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly is very powerful agent for controlling woodworms. This jelly contains phenol. You need to rub this jelly on infected areas of woodworms. It can repel woodworms.

White Vinegar

White vinegar is used to kill woodworms. Apply vinegar on damaged property. It will help in repelling woodworms.

Home remedies for woodworms treatment Preventive measures

The best preventive measures for home remedies for wood treatment is natural and very effective. This gives 100% result and remove pests organically. We offer you here details of best woodworm treatment products.

Easy Home remedies for woodworms treatment

Orange Oil Extract

Orange oil extract is the best way to get rid of woodworms. Spray this oil in the affected area of woodworms. Spray it in your furniture, drawers or walls. This orange oil can eliminate woodworms in 3 days to maximum 4 weeks. Make sure that human and pets don’t consume this orange oil. This orange oil is injurious to health.

Boric Acid

Boric acid is best eradication of woodworms. It is capable of killing woodworms. This acid cause damages the nervous system of woodworms. Mix boric acid with water in equal amount. Now spray it on affected property. Apply it around your garden and rooms. Woodworms will die. Wear gloves and mask using boric acid. This boric acid is harmful for human beings and pets.

 Home remedies for woodworms treatment

Woodworms cause damage to your property in very large amount.  Here you will get details about home remedies to get rid of woodworms.

Effective results of Home remedies for woodworms treatment

Home remedies are very useful and effective in every perspective. As they are Eco friendly and easy to be performed. We only recommend to use the organic products. Homemade remedies for woodworms treatment are naturally driven and do not have any bad effects on humans and plants. They all are Eco friendly. They can effectively repel and kill the pest without causing harm to environment. We have provided you beneficial information here, regarding easy home remedies for woodworms treatment.

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