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Our website is providing you easy remedies for getting rid of weevils. We are providing all the latest integrated pest management tips for pest removal. The natural and chemical remedies are provided here to remove the weevils easily. We will tell you the entire easy and best ways of  Getting rid of weevils.

Products required for getting rid of weevilsProducts required for getting rid of weevils

We will use the products like pheromone traps, soap, water, cloves for home remedies for weevils removal. All these things are easily available at our homes and market. All products used for these  remedies for removing weevils effectively are natural and do not have any side effects.


Use pheromone traps

These traps are use to catch the weevils in your kitchen areas. They are easily available in the market shops. You can buy these small traps, that are used to attracts the weevils. They are sticky traps with tape. Place these traps around your pantry house. It will attract the weevils and they will get stuck in it.

Flower Red palm weevil

This is insecticides that is best and suitable to kill weevils. It contains chemicals which will eliminate all the larva of weevils and will give you that best result.


Wipe your pantry shelves with white vinegar

Wipe all the area with vinegar of your pantry. Use the liquid vinegar. Weevils hate vinegar.  They will never get returned from this smell.

Abtec Beauveria Biopesticide

This product is available online.It is very effective of all. It will protect your food products and crops from attack of weevils and other flies. It is also known aswhite muscardine fungus.



Home remedies for getting rid of weevils

Here are some home remedies for getting rid of weevils. They are beneficial in weevils removal to protect your crops from its damage.

Soap and Water:

To make your area free from weevils, pay more attention towards the cleanliness of house. Clean all the cracks and holes of the by using soap and water scrub. Wipe down all the spills properly.

Vacuum Cleaner:

Easy and safe method is to vacuum your home properly. Vacuum out the entire house to get free of weevils.

Cleaning pantry

The best methods to get rid of the weevils is to find the source of the weevils. Treat that area. Check your food containers if you see a small flying insects in it, that could be a weevils. Check all the pantry store and try to clean your food materials.

Our website offers you best and latest easy home remedies for weevils removal here.


Effective results of getting rid of weevils

Weevils   sprays are very useful and effective in every perspective. They will remove the problem of weevils  easily and effectively. They will work immediately. We have provided you beneficial information here, regarding getting rid of weevils.

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