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 Our website tells you information about home remedies for beetles control. As we understand the problem of pests and beetles. To get rid of beetles, we give you some tips for effective home remedies for beetles control and removal by integrated pest management methods. We also help people in getting details about pest control.

Why Adopt Home remedies for beetles removal?

You should adopt home remedies for beetles control. Home remedies are very useful for every person in controlling their problems. You don’t need to go market to buy products. The products of home remedies are available at your home only. You can use products from your kitchen. Home remedies for beetles are helpful in controlling of beetles.


People have been facing problems of beetles for a very long time. They want to know about the elimination of beetles. Our website helps with people’s pests problems. Here, you can get the list of homemade remedies to get rid of beetles.natural home remedies for beetles control and removal

Garlic mint insect spray

You can use garlic mint spray to get rid of beetles. Take mint leaves and garlic. Do blend in food processor machine. Add some pepper and liquid soap. Boil this mixture. Let keep it overnight. Now spray this mixture on your plants and affected area of beetles.

Benefits of home remedies for beetles removal

You can find and understand the benefits of home remedies for beetle control. Home remedies are safe for all people. They are less allergic to sick people. In fact, home remedies are useful for your home as well. Most of the remedies give fresh fragrance. These remedies are environment-friendly also. We tell you here how to get rid of beetle bugs.


Coffee grounds

Beetles don’t like coffee. To get rid of beetles, place the used coffee grounds around the affected area.  You will repel beetles with coffee grounds.

Borax and sugar

The other method is borax and sugar. You can use it for controlling beetles. Prepare this solution with 30 gm of sugar and 10 gm of borax. Add some warm water. Now, spray it on the affected area of beetles.

How effective is home remedies for beetles removal?

Home remedies for beetles control are very effective. They are capable of eliminating beetles infestation. Home remedies keep beetles away from your place. These remedies prevent further growth of beetles.

home remedies for beetles control

 Dust Mite Oil Repellent

Prepare dust mite oil repellent with the mixing of lavender and rosemary oil. Now allow this oil to mild dry. Place it on the affected area. You will get rid of beetles problems very quickly.

Hot Pepper Spray

To make hot pepper spray, you have to prepare it first. Mix half a liter of water with 20 gm of pepper flakes. Now heat it in a pan for 15 minutes. Allow it to cool for some time. Add liquid soap to it. Now, spray it in the affected area of beetles.

Bananas and Tin Foil

To get rid of beetles, place banana peel under the soil of your garden area. It helps you in repelling beetles. You can place foil around your garden area. In this way, you will get overcome from problems of beetles. We have provided you beneficial information here, regarding home remedies for beetles control.



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