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Our website is giving you all natural remedies to make your home pest free. We will provide you tips for  Home remedies for crickets treatment. All the pest control techniques are effective and are very easy to apply.

Why Adopt Home remedies for crickets removal?

Home remedies are the natural way to keep pest out of your house. They are 100% natural techniques for removal of cricket pest. They do not have any bad effect on nature and are very effective in exterminating the pest.

Home remedies for crickets

Cricket is causing a huge damage to the crops. And has a huge impact on the crops. So to get the best solution for the extermination of this post we are providing you the best homemade cricket killer methods. Here, we tell you how to make homemade cricket trap

home remedies for crickets removal and control productsMolasses

Place some molasses in the bowl full of water. When cricket will smell it they will jump in it and die. Molasses  will help you in getting rid of crickets.

  1. Set traps

Place the trap around the hot and moist areas because cricket attracts towards these areas like walls, doors etc.

  1. Bug spray

Bug spray is the easiest technique to kill the sprays, make a bug spray at home    naturally and sprinkle it on affected areas.

  1. Soap Water

Fill a bottle with soap water and spray it around the corners of your house. It will cause irritation to the crickets’ skin.

  1. Throw the trash

Crickets got attracted toward the trash, so clean up the areas around the house to avoid them.


How effective is home remedies for crickets removal?

These are 100% effective home remedies explained here. They will definitely help you to remove the cricket from your home. 

  1. Allow Predators in Home

Insects like lizards and spider can eat the small insects like cricket. So to avoid them you can keep these predators as the solution of crickets.

home remedies for crickets removal

  1. Seal Your Home

Seal the tiny holes of your home with the help of cement or plaster so that crickets do not come inside them.

  1. Remove Bright Lights

Crickets are attracted by bright lights.  So avoid refrain using LED lights in your house.

  1. Nitrogen-Fixing Plants

Grow plants like peas, cloves and garlic in your garden areas. As they are nitrogen fixing plants and this cause irritation for cricket and this will lead to the elimination of cricket.

  1. Clean your areas

Cut all the bushes around your home. So that cricket does not come inside your home. Keep your house neat and clean.

Benefits of home remedies for crickets removal

Home remedies are the natural way to kill the unwanted pests, so by following home remedies, we are helping the environment from getting toxic. They are 100%natural and do not have any bad affect on the environment and humans. We have provided you beneficial information here, regarding home remedies for crickets removal.



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