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We are providing all methods for home remedies for stink bugs removal. We will provide you tips and treatment for stink bug infestation. You can exterminate stink bugs by latest pest control techniques and treatments.

Why Adopt Home remedies for stink bugs removal?Products used in home remedies for stink bugs removal

Home remedies for stink bugs

We are providing you the best home remedies to get rid of stink bugs. They are very easy and can be performed anytime to prevent your place from stink bugs. home remedies for stink bugs removal are here.


Warm some water and soak the cigarettes in it for some time. When water became black, stain the water and add some dish soap in it. Pour this solution in spray bottle and spray it on bugs, they will die.

 Soapy Water

Take a bucket full of water, now add some washing powder in it. Place the bucket near your walls, and knock it into the water by using brushes.

Hair spray

Simply sprinkle some hair spray on the bugs. This will kill them. Easiest way to rid of them.


Take some fresh mint or take 10 drops of liquid mint and add it into 2 cups of water. Spray this solution in all places where you can see the bugs.

Petroleum oil

Spray some petrol on the bugs. It will kill them.

Benefits of home remedies for stink bugs removal

Natural home remedies for stink bugs removal are safe and Eco friendly.  Safer for user and applicator. And is very effectively when used correctly. You don’t have to put extra efforts to perform these remedies. Most people only prefer the home remedies for the pest control. All products that are used are easily available at home. We tell you here stink bug treatment methods.HOME REMEDIES FOR STINK BUGS REMOVAL

Hot peppers

Spray some hot peppers on the stink bugs, they will die by this. Make the spray of pepper by diluting peppers in water.  When you spray this solution on them it will burn their exterior body and they will die.


Garlic is best remedy to keep the bugs and flies away. Mix 4 tablespoon of dry garlic in two cups of water. Pour this solution into the spray bottle and spray it in the garden and all the entry points.


Alcohol is also one of the best repellent to bugs. They can’t handle the smell of alcohol. Put some alcohol in glass and place it near the places where you found the bugs. Bugs will come close to it and get drown in it.


 How effective is home remedies for stink bugs removal?

Home remedies for stink bugs removal are 100% effective as they are natural and good for environment too. They do not have any bad effect on humans and environment. These are very old and effective techniques to get the best result. These natural pest repellent needs to apply more frequently. We have provided you beneficial information here, regarding home remedies for Stink bugs removal.



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