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Our website assists you in information about homemade remedies of rabbits control. You can easily control rabbits with the help of integrated pest management methods. There are many pest control tips and techniques as well. They are very useful in controlling rabbits infestation.



Benefits of homemade remedies of rabbits controlProducts used in homemade remedies of rabbits control

We tell you about benefits of adopting homemade remedies of rabbits control. Home remedies don’t have bad effect on environment. They are not harmful for human beings and pets. These remedies are less in odor. They are non allergic to people. Home remedies are natural and organic. They don’t have chemicals in them.

Rabbits control with homemade remedies

Here, you will know about how to make rabbits homemade. You will know about homemade rabbit poison and bait. You will get the list of home remedies to get rid of rabbits. We tell you here how to control rabbits.



You can use rabbit proof fencing in elimination of rabbits. Wire fences should be 4 feet high. Its diameter should be of 1 inch. It is very effective way to control rabbits. You need to bury wire fence at a depth of 7 inches. Rabbits can’t dig holes. This will help you in getting rid of rabbits.

Products required in homemade remedies of rabbits control.

Tobacco, hot pepper and beneficial plants can be used as products in home remedies for rabbits control. They can easily available at your home. These remedies are without chemicals.

Trunk and Vine Guards

You have to shield the plants for repelling of rabbits. You can use vine guards. Rabbits will not reach your plants. Trunk of your plants and trees should enough high to prevent rabbits from reaching there. Vine guards should high. These guards will help in getting rid of rabbits.

Natural Repellents

The other trick is the natural repellents. These repellents help you in rabbits control. You can use hot pepper spray. Sprinkle hot pepper in affected area of rabbits. This hot pepper causes a burning feel to rabbits and their body. Tobacco dust helps you in eliminating the rabbits. Rabbits can’t bear the odour of tobacco. In this way, hot pepper and tobacco helps you in getting rid of rabbits.HOMEMADE REMEDIES OF RABBITS CONTROL

Plant Deterrents

You can use plants which helps in getting rid of rabbits. You can plant potato vine, rosemary and some other fern species. These plants will discourage rabbits to enter in your garden area. Plant deterrents help to deter rabbits and keep them away from your property.


You can use trapping for elimination of rabbits. The place where rabbits live and roam, you have to place wire traps in that locations. Check it every 12 hours. You can put carrots, corn or cabbage in traps. These fruits will attract rabbits to traps. Don’t eat them. These fruits are capable of transmission of various kinds of diseases. After catching rabbits, you need to hand them over to the organization of wildlife.

Effective features of homemade remedies of rabbits control

We tell you here about effective features of homemade remedies of rabbits control. Home remedies are effective enough in controlling rabbits and other pests. They are capable of stay rabbits away from your place. These remedies has capability to prevent damage by rabbits. We have provided you beneficial information here, regarding homemade remedies of rabbits control.



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