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Our website is providing you all the relevant information for home made cricket trap. Cricket is causing a huge damage to the crops. And has a huge impact on the crops. So to get the best solution for extermination of this pest we are providing you the best homemade cricket killer methods by helping you out to make traps at home. All the pest control techniques on our website are effective and are very easy to apply.

Benefits of home made cricket trapProducts used in home made cricket trap

The home made cricket traps are very effective. They are not costly and efficient in controlling crickets. Here you will get information of two types of traps. One is simple and other is made of bread.


Preparing the Trap

Locate the area where you can see the crickets. Dig up the hole in the ground 18 inches deep and 12 inches wide. Straight up the sides of the hole so that cricket can not escape from it.

Make the Trap Alluring

Place any cloth like towel on it. cricket will come to hide under it. Now place a small plastic container in hole. Put a lettuce leave under the cover of the hole so that part of the plant sticks out.


Next morning you can see a large amount of insects inside it. Bring them out and remove these crickets. In the same way dig some another hole of this kind in the garden area to remove more crickets.

How effective is homemade cricket traps in removing crickets?

These homemade traps are very easy to made and are very effective. They can easily catch the crickets. Crickets will get fooled and easily get trapped. Problem of your cricket pest will get reduced.

Cricket Trap Made of Bread

Prepare the Bread

Cut the pieces of bread into pieces and place these pieces in one or two halves. Put the bread parts together and hold them with rubber bands. Cut one end and place it in the hole of the crickets.

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Position the Cricket Trap

Put the cricket trap in a suitable location where you can catch the crickets easily. Places like  near a wall, under a picnic table etc. We have provided you beneficial information here, regarding how to make home made cricket trap.

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