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Our website is providing all the cockroaches control home remedy. We have all the latest pest control techniques to remove cockroaches. Here you will get tips regarding natural cockroaches control home remedies by adopting integrated pest management.

Cockroaches control home remedy preventive measures

Our website will provide you all the natural home remedies to make your place cockroaches free. Here are some of the best home remedies to control cockroaches at home. We provide you here cockroach control tips to kill cockroaches.

Cockroaches control home remedyproducts used for natural cockroaches control home remedy

Cockroaches are real headache for our homes. To get rid of them naturally we are providing you all the solutions here. We have all cockroach control remedy for you. We tell you here information of best cockroach killer spray.


Baking Soda and Sugar

Make a mixture of baking soda and sugar. It is most effective technique to rid out of them. It will kill cockroaches permanently. Mix baking soda with sugar in a bowl and sprinkle this mixture all over the areas where you locate them most. 

Boric acid

Boric acid is one of the easy home remedy. It is easily available in the market. Put the boric acid where ever you can find the roaches. Boric acid acts as poison to them.

Fabric Softener Spray

Make a mixture of Natural fabric softener with water and put it in a bottle. Mix them well.  And sprinkle the spray over the areas where they are hidden. It will kill them. The solution should be thick.

Coffee Traps

We can make the coffee traps to fool the cockroaches. The best and easy method to rid of them is take a jar and adds coffee grounds in it. Full the jar with water. As cockroaches get attracted toward coffee they will climb the jar and get into it. And die in water.natural cockroaches control home remedy

Lemon Peels or Lemon Juice

The cockroaches do not like the smell of lemons. As they are allergic to the citric food. To kill the cockroaches make the mixture of lemon and water. And sprinkle it over the roach’s house. It will kill them and make your home cockroaches free.

Benefits of cockroaches control home remedy

Home remedies are very easy to be use and apply. These remedies can be perform easily. Most people only prefer the home remedies for the pest control. All products are easily available at home.

Effective results of Cockroaches control home remedy

 Home remedies are very useful and effective in every perspective. As they are Eco friendly and easy to be perform. We only recommend to use the organic products. We have provided you beneficial information here, regarding natural cockroaches control home remedy.



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