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Our website is providing all information regarding natural home remedies in locusts control. We help you in controlling pests by integrated pest management techniques. We give you fresh and latest pest control tips and techniques. These techniques assist you in how to control locusts.

Benefits of home remedies in locusts controlProducts required for home remedies in locusts control

Home remedies are non staining. They are harmful for pests. They kill pests. These home remedies are environment friendly. They are less in odor. These remedies don’t have bad effect on human beings and pets. They can easily find at your home only. You don’t need to go outside for buying some remedies.


Locusts insects cause damage to plants in very large amount. To rid of damage and locusts problems, here you will get a list of home remedies. Our website offers you here latest and easy methods for biological control of locusts here.

Apply a Garlic Spray

Garlic spray is the main trick for controlling locusts. The odour of garlic can’t bared by locusts. Its odor can help in controlling locusts. To get rid of locusts, you need to make garlic spray first. Take 2 cloves of garlic with 8 cups of water. Now, blend it in a blender. Heat it in a pan and boil. Allow it to cool for a night. Now you get concentrated garlic solution spray. You can buy it online. Now put the garlic solution into a spray bottle. Spray it on infected plants. This will help you in locusts control and damage caused by them.

How Effective are home remedies in locusts control?

Home remedies in locusts control are very effective. They are effective enough to repel locusts. They prevent infestation of locusts. These remedies help in elimination of locusts and other pests. They are harmful for your pests problems.



Dust the Leaves with Flour

Flour is the other way for elimination of locusts. Flour can lead to death of locusts. Take some amount of flour. Spray it on the infected plants. It will stick to your plants. In this way, locusts will completely controlled by flour.

Products required for home remedies in locusts control

There are many products which are required for home remedies in locusts control. Garlic, boric acid and flour are the required products that help in controlling locusts infestation.NATURAL HOME REMEDIES IN LOCUSTS CONTROL

Introduce Natural Predators

You can take help from natural predators. They are the killer for locusts. They help you in protect your gardens. You can take trained birds help to feed on locusts and controlling them. You can take help of beneficial insects. They help you in eradication of locusts.

Set up a Long Grass Trap

You can make a trap of long grass. Locusts stay in long grass areas. You can set up a long grass trap to catch locusts. This will help you in locusts control.

Boric acid

To get rid of locusts, you can use boric acid. Boric acid is very strong agent to remove locusts. You need to spray boric acid on affected area of locusts. In this way, you can eliminate the population of locusts. We have provided you beneficial information here, regarding natural home remedies in locusts control.



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